Top 100Mbps Internet Service Provider in Dhaka

100 Mbps Internet Providers In Dhaka -7 Companies Who Are Eligible

Internet is a daily need for almost all the people in the world. Following that, the capital of Bangladesh, Dhaka, is no different. Whatever part of Dhaka city you live in, you use mobile or cable internet every day. As mobile internet is very pricey, it’s really tough to afford a high amount of mobile internet. That is why people use cable internet, and it has a vast market. But for home use, we don’t need high-speed cable internet. Usually, people use 5 Mbps to 30 Mbps internet at home depending on their needs.

If you need to use cable internet for your business or corporate, high-speed internet is necessary. So many ISPs provide a high capacity bandwidth of 100 Mbps for businesses or corporate use. If you have a call centre, a training centre, or an IT firm, you probably are looking for a reliable ISP that can serve you 100 Mbps internet.

In today’s blog, we will discuss seven internet service providers who provide 100 Mbps internet in Dhaka, Bangladesh. So, stick with us.

1. Amber IT

The first ISP that we are going to talk about is Amber IT. It is one of the oldest internet service providers in Bangladesh. It provides high-quality data and internet connectivity. They have a huge coverage area in Uttara, Khilkhet, Bashundhara R/A, Gulshan 1&2, South & North Badda, Banani, Tejgaon, Rampura, Khilgaon, Dhanmondi, Mohammadpur, Mirpur, Paltan, Wari, New Market, and nearby areas.

It has three types of internet service, 1. Home Internet, 2. Corporate Internet, and 3. SME Internet. Its Home Internet has 8 different package plans for different types of needs. Its most powerful package plan is named “Progressive”. In this package, you will get 100 Mbps of internet. It uses fibre optics cable for the best internet service. In this package, you will get 1 Public IP, 2200 Minutes of Talk Time per month, 2200 SMS, and it has impressive 24/7 customer service. This robust and reliable package only costs 4000 BDT per month without any extra fees or hidden charges. It has all major mobile banking systems and VISA/ MASTERCARD to receive the monthly payment.

Website: www.amberit.com.bd

2. Link3 Technologies

Our second pick is Link3 Technologies which started its journey in 2000. It is a leading IT solution provider in the country. It provides both retail and corporate broadband internet with fibre optics. In 2021 it became the largest internet service provider in Bangladesh, with more than 100K customers.

In Dhaka city, it provides services in Uttara, Khilkhet, Banani, Gulshan, Rampura, Mirpur DOHS, Mohammadpur, Dhanmondi, Savar, and nearby areas by placing the customers at the centre of its business.

It has a few fixed package plans for specific customers. But what is significant here is that it offers customers some custom package plans so that customers can get their desired plan with a decent charge. Its “Extreme” package offers 100 Mbps internet for 5000 Taka only. To get this package, Link3 Technologies don’t require any security deposit. You just have to pay a one-time installation charge of 1000 Taka. That’s it. Also, it receives monthly payments through VISA, MASTERCARD, and all mobile banking platforms. Now, You will get uninterrupted broadband internet for you with great customer service.

Website: www.link3.net


After starting its operation in 2005, DOT INTERNET has become a widespread broadband internet service provider in Dhaka city. Currently, it covers Adabor, Badda, Bangshal, Biman Bandar, Banani, Chak Bazar, Dakshin Khan, Darus Salam, Dhanmondi, Vatara, Gulshan, Hazaribagh, Kala Bagan, KamrangirChar, Khilgaon, Keraniganj, Lalbagh, Mirpur, MOhammadpur, New Market, Pallabi, Paltan, Ramna, Rampura, Rupnagar, SHahjahanpur, Shah Ali, Shahbagh, Sher-E-Bangla Nagar, Tejgaon, Uttara and nearby areas.

Among all of its packages, the “SKY” plan is the most speedy one. This package offers 100 Mbps internet for only 4000 Taka. It has unlimited BDIX Bandwidth, and you can stream Youtube and Facebook Videos in 4K. It has both IPv4 and IPv6 internet protocols. And, as a bonus, you will always get 24/7 phone and online support.

If you are planning to get a higher but more trustworthy ISP, then DOT INTERNET will be a great fit for you.

Website: www.dotinternetbd.com

4. Carnival Internet

Our fourth pick is Carnival Internet which has covered the whole of Dhaka city with its amazing performing Broadband internet. Currently, it is serving south and north Dhaka city at the same pace. It has a wide wing of service in Gulshan, Bashundhara, Baridhara, Banani, Mohakhali, Shahjadpur, Badda, Kuril, Tejgaon I/A, Mohammadpur, Shyamoli, Kallyanpur, Adabar, Lalmatia, Dhanmondi-1 to 16, Dhanmondi 2/A to 15/A, Jigatola, Lalbagh, Karwan Bazar, Farmgate, Panthapath, Kolabagan, Lalbagh, Banglamotor, Dhaka University, Azimpur, Mirpur Agargaon, Ibrahimpur, Uttara, Nikunja, Khilgaon, Malibagh, Banasree, South Banasree, New Baily Road, Ramna Thana Road, Moghbazar Wireless Mor, Rajarbagh, Mowchak Mor, Fokirapool, Noya Paltan, Motijheel, Purana Paltan, Gopibagh, Basabo, Mugdapara, Sadarghat, Chawkbazar Mor, Gulisthan, Jatrabari, and nearby areas.

The best plan it offers is called “PREZZO”. It is for high-end internet service users who need 100 Mbps internet with unlimited traffic. The installation charge would be a one-time 1500 Taka, and the monthly fee is only 4599 Taka. Carnival Internet receives its payment through Online Banking, Mobile Banking, VISA, and MASTERCARD.

After Knowing its coverage area, you must be assured that it is a trustworthy and huge performing ISP in Dhaka.

Website: www.carnival.com.bd

5. My Internet

It is one of the leading broadband internet companies in Dhaka city. It ensures customer satisfaction and service standards by providing quality internet. It provides from the smallest 5Mbps to the highest 100 Mbps internet in Mohakhali DOHS, Gulshan-1, Niketon, Gulshan-2, Banani, Baridhara, Khilkhet, Nikunja, Uttara, and nearby areas.

The best thing about My Internet’s 100 Mbps plan is that it has 4 different packages of 100 Mbps internet.

100 Mbps for 1500: This package comes with 300 Gb Data Transfer [*Xtra], 100 Mbps Internet speed, Unmetered Youtube speed, 100 Mbps BDIX speed, Plex account for smart tv, Media server access, Free IP phone Number, FTT Connectivity.

100 Mbps for 2000: This package comes with 400 Gb Data Transfer [*Xtra], 100 Mbps Internet speed, Unmetered Youtube speed, 100 Mbps BDIX speed, Plex account for smart tv, Media server access, Free IP phone Number, FTT Connectivity.

100 Mbps for 3000: This package comes with 500 Gb Data Transfer [*Xtra], 100 Mbps Internet speed, Unmetered Youtube speed, 100 Mbps BDIX speed, Plex account for smart tv, Media server access, Free IP phone Number, FTT Connectivity.

100 Mbps for 5500: This home package comes with 100 Mbps Internet speed, 100 Mbps Youtube speed, 100 Mbps BDIX speed, Plex account for smart tv, Public IP/Real IP, Media server access, Free IP phone Number, FTT Connectivity.

Website: www.myinternet.com.bd


Suppose you are a resident, in charge of any organisation, or a business owner in Banani, Gulshan, Mohakhali, Baridhara, Nadda, or Shahzadpur area, and are thinking about whether there is any internet service provider near you who has a good comprehensive internet connection solution. In that case, Elite Communication is your choice.

It offers some exceptional facilities like Free Ultra HD Premium NETFLIX, Apple iTunes, HBO Premium, DISNEY PLUS, Amazon Prime Video, Live IP TV & a lot more. It has highly experienced tech members and always focuses on using the latest technologies to provide the best customer service.

It has two 100 Mbps package plans for residential and corporate customers. Its family internet plan has a package called “Elite Rocket”. It is 100 Mbps and has unlimited bandwidth for browsing or streaming. Also provides 100 Mbps Facebook and Youtube bandwidth for only 5000 Taka. It’s most pricey, and the VIP plan charges 30,000 Taka for unlimited bandwidth on everything.

Elite Communication is your go-to choice if you are a heavy internet user, personal or business, and you are looking for a heavy internet plan.

Website: www.elite.net.bd

7. Smart Online

Our last but not least pick is Smart Online. It has specially concentrated on the Southern side of Dhaka city. It has an extensive coverage in Lalbagh, Azimpur, Amligola, Chawkbazar, Khajedewan, Sheikh Saheb Bazar, Bangshal, Islambagh, Rahmatganj, Kellarmor, and nearby areas. One special feature of this ISP is that if there are 36 hours of power shortage, it has a generator and online UPS backup to keep you online. 

Regarding its best packages, “Corporate- 1” is a great choice. If you are looking for a committed internet service provider in their service, you can go with Smart Online without hesitation. It offers 100 Mbps of unlimited internet for only 5000 Taka. Unlike many internet service providers, Smart Online provides unlimited Facebook, Youtube, BDIX, and FTP servers. You will also get free live TV and a Public IP in this package.

Website: www.smartonlinebd.net


Nowadays, most internet users don’t think about spending money if they get better internet service from their ISP. Following this, internet service providers are also trying to put their best in the business to satisfy the existing customers. They are also trying to offer the best deal to grab new customers. In our top seven picks, we focused on the best of the best ISPs and their best internet speeds. If you want to change your ISP to 100 Mbps or get a new connection, you can consider any of our best picks.

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