We Call It Problem Solving Internet

Most business face this problem, We ensure you, using our internet you never feel that.

Inconsistence Connection

Sudden No Internet Connection

Frequently Disconnecting

Low Bandwidth Consumption

Very Weak Signal Strength

Secured Office WI-FI

Is your office WiFi network as secure as your traditional wired office network? Put plainly, how confident are you that your business data is protected from hackers? If your business uses a WiFi network, you may be more vulnerable than you think. Elite Communication offering guaranteed secure wifi solution that serves best in Dhaka

Twice the Coverage
Immunity from Interference
Secured Wi-Fi Access
Quality of Service
Super Support Team

Virtual Private Network

Virtual private networks (VPNs) privatize data communications to achieve confidentiality for data being transferred across networks. VPNs are virtually private because access to the data is restricted to authorized portals and endpoints. We deliver a comprehensive portfolio of network monitoring and management tools, interconnect solutions, and secure enterprise applications through our managed VPN services

Elite Communication VPN services are managed across the network--from the edge to the core or between data centers

Leased Line Internet Connection

In order for a business to boost its performance in terms of online transactions and interaction, there is a great need to ensure that it is well connected to an internet platform. With our experience over time, we are fully committed to providing our clients with high-quality internet-based solutions. Our Internet Leased Lines Connection has displayed great performance and efficiency in provision of fast and reliable internet connectivity.

Over-the-wire leased line
High-Availability Leased line
Dedicated wave length

Our Packages

Elite StartUp5 mbps2500 Taka
Elite Essential10 Mbps5000 Taka
Elite GrowBig20 Mbps8000 Taka
Elite Grand30 Mbps12000 Taka
Elite Premium50 Mbps20000 Taka
Elite Platinum100 Mbps30000 Taka


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