We Call It Problem Solving Internet

Most business face this problem, We ensure you, using our internet you never feel that.

CCTV/IP Camera Video analysis automation

Elite Internet is the leading provider of fiber-optic internet in the country. We offer the best video analytics automation services to all our customers. Whether you operate a large business or just have a few cameras installed, we can help you automate your video surveillance operation and ensure your business is safe.

Our video analysis automation enables you to detect objects, classify them, track any specific one, perform behavior analysis, and monitor your office from anywhere in the world. We provide amazing solutions for clients who run businesses from abroad and actively monitor operations.

Offensive prevention alert with AI face recognition system

Our service is designed to detect offensive content and allow you to recognize faces. In addition, in the event of an attack on your network, Elite Internet will send you an alert that will include a video feed so that you can take quick action to protect your network and its data.

Since company owners are always concerned about the security issues of their employees, assets, and essential documents, an offensive prevention alert with AI face recognition is not just necessary, it's mandatory. Using our video analytics system, you can protect your places from potential threats.

Video Monitoring From Data Center

Our video monitoring service from a data center efficiently sends all CCTV footage from all of your company's branches to a specific data center where you can watch the footage, monitor all the branches,Process analysis, perform data management, and ensure health monitoring and cybersecurity. It is also helpful for maximizing security and efficiency.

The system can be used to determine where, when and for how long colleagues spend their time in their own offices. So the data center can easily monitor them and use this information in monthly meetings to increase the company's overall efficiency.

Video Content Storage by Software

We're proud to offer a revolutionary new video content storage system that uses AI to analyze data. All footage and video content will be stored in our provided software for a long time. (from 30 days to unlimited as per your requirements). So you can check those contents now and then and use them for emergencies. For any kind of customer complaint, employee issues, or inconvenience, this stored footage can be a strong weapon to solve the problem.