Our Services

We are offering special kind of VIP services

Our Services

We are offering special kind of VIP services

PS Internet

PS means Problem Solving. Elite Communication offering Problem Solving Internet. If you are not satisfied with your existing Internet service provider that means you need to troubleshoot. Our expert team is ready to troubleshoot.

WiFi Solution

Nowadays WiFi is essential for everyday life. We are bringing the WiFi Solution that never disconnects. Using LTE: Long-Term Evolution Method we prepare this solution. We achieve a solution that has 99% uptime time guaranteed

CCTV Solution

Elite Communication highly experienced in design, engineering, assembly and maintenance of security automation. The solution includes CCTV & IP surveillance. We have dedicated professional team to install and maintenance.

Security Solution

Businesses are too-often faced with conflicting information on the best methods for protecting their networks and information systems. At Elite Communicatons Security system we can help you sort through this information and determine the best way to protect your information systems.


Elite Communication offering IPTV (internet protocol television). Now you can enjoy 1000 channels online without buffering or interruption. We always trying to giving best facility to our customers

IOT Services

Elite Communication Bangladeshi based development center, works with home and enterprises including products, services and manufacturing companies to provide IoT solutions to connect machines and devices to IoT platforms and develop solutions to convert the data collected into information and analytics.